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The heart and core element of the overall Automotive Data Guru catalyst concept is the in-depth vehicle code, this is the G:code which was designed to cover all vehicle types, i.e. Bikes, Cars, LCV’s & HCV’s within its structure and consists of all the data fields required to identify and describe vehicle to their lowest possible level. This allows association of data at any required partial level, from an exact component part to the complete vehicle, hence the catalyst statement and success of the methodology.

Automotive Data Guru, have associated the G:code directly to all the vehicles on the road in the UK through its DVLA association on an one2one bases, giving instant accurate identification of vehicles through the vehicles registration (VRM) or vehicle identification number (VIN). See VRM Look-up Services.

The G:code identification and description data can be provided at any partial level and in any format, depending on the client’s exact requirements.

Automotive Data Guru have produced applications and services that enables third party vehicle codes or descriptions to be linked, quickly and cost effectively and in the majority of cases on a one2one basis, to the G:code, the catalyst. This enables a true industries data pick and mix service, which is available through a VRM or VIN Look-up Service.

Examples of the benefits gained are:

Vehicle Remarketing where from the entry of a VRM, websites can be populated comprehensively with only the addition of a mileage, vehicle condition, actual vehicle images, exact options and a price adjustment. Everything else, such as the full vehicle details, technical data, stand features, available options, colour, running costs, etc. can all be populated directly from Automotive Data Guru's in-house data or from chosen third party data sources, through the linking of data.

Replacement Parts where from the entry of a VRM and the selection of a component from a given listing, an exact part can be identified and displayed: this could also include an operation time, fitting instructions and special tooling if so required.

These are only two examples form the numerous applications and services that can be achieved, from accurate vehicle identification and Vehicle code association.

Automotive Data Guru have produced an application and associated services i.e. “Match:Guru” that enables accurate association of any data set to a full or partial G:code, depending on the exact requirement.

This application uses intelligent methodology to assist the user to enter the required data set into a structured database against valid G:codes at the highest possible level, ensuring the minimal resource requirement, while retaining absolute accuracy. Further intelligence is used against DVLA data to ensure the client is fully informed of the initial commitment requirement and progress throughout the entry of the data set concerned.

This application is the ultimate solution for the association of data, whatever it may be to actual vehicles, in the smartest timely and cost effective way possible.

With the data being stored directly against the G:code and with a G:code being associated to each vehicle within the DVLA Database, VRM Look-up Services are immediately available for data entered, another considerable benefit for a majority of clients.

Automotive Data Guru are the latest DVLA Data Provider to enter the market of VRM Look-up Services, Automotive Data Guru however come with years of experience and knowledge of this specialist sector, as the key personal have been directly involved and responsible for the setting up and running of other existing DVLA Data Providers. This previous knowledge and experience has allowed a new and refreshing approach to the implementation, manipulation, cleansing and enhancement of the core DVLA data, plus the direct association to G:codes, provides numerous advantages to clients.

Motoring Safety and Vehicle Misrepresentation are our initial goals, where the enhanced G:code Vehicle Data will assist considerably in ensuring accuracy of Vehicle Identification, Definition and Third Party Data Association.

Due to the visibility of the DVLA Data and associated G:code enhanced data, Automotive Data Guru are strategically placed to assist in the data cleansing of vehicle data to ensure the Correct Identification and Definition of vehicles is as accurate as possible and misrepresentation of vehicles is kept to the minimum. If you have any doubt that you’re Vehicle Fleet or Stock Data is not as accurate as it could be, this service could assist you considerably.

Vin Decoder, Vin:Guru is the latest and most comprehensive VIN Decoding Application available in the UK, which enables the entry of any vehicles VIN, then the application decodes this and returns all the vehicles identification data which can be gained. The returned vehicle identification data differs considerably from Manufacturers to Manufacturer and in cases, Models of Manufacturers and Countries of Manufacture, all of which affect the decoding process. The Vin:Guru service is constantly being updated as new vehicles are introduced ensuring the service is always up to date and complete, in line with vehicles which are registered on the road within the UK from DVLA Data sources. Automotive Data Guru have also associated the G:Code to VIN:Guru, which brings numerous additional advantages, this service is available through API services allowing it to be integrated into third party applications and services, if so required.

DVLA VRM Lookup Services can also be associated to Vin:Guru, if the vehicle concerned is or has been registered within the UK , giving a secondary level of quality assurance and accuracy.

DVLA Keeper Change allows the many sectors of the Motor Trade to monitor when their clients vehicles change hands, ensuring client records are constantly up to date and any communications made portray professionalism and are truly relevant.

How many times do clients receive calls or correspondence, from marketing department listings, regarding sales and aftersales when they are no longer relevant, which incur considerable costs and irritation to clients.

Keeper Change is the answer to the above issues, by ensuring the business is aware of vehicle ownership changes shortly after they occur, this new service is invaluable and has truly come of age following the changes to the DVLA Vehicle Taxation processes at the end of 2014.

Keeper Change is just one of a number of services which form part of Trade:Guru.